My girlfriend and I take our vaporizer to the shores of Puget Sound some nights

I was eager to visit Puget Sound as soon as I moved to Seattle because of my years living along Tampa Bay. The large bodies of water gives me a sense of calmness and peace that I can only compare to what I similarly experience out in the middle of the woods, away from others. However, I wasn’t really prepared for the gorgeous view of Mount Rainier in the distance, regardless of its danger level as a stratovolcano. Florida by contrast is flat with almost no real hills, let alone peaks like the Washington Mountains. While Florida might rival Washington in its number of beaches and accessible coastlines, that’s just a side effect of Florida’s natural geography as a long peninsula. In Washington, Puget Sound wraps the eastern side of the Olympic Peninsula while the Pacific Ocean is on the western side. Although we live on the opposite side of Puget Sound in Seattle, we often leave our apartment in Magnolia on foot at night to view the water from Discovery Park. We like to bring our weed vaporizer with us because it’s easy to conceal and use in public without getting busted by the police. In the city of Seattle, you can get in trouble for simply having an open package of a marijuana product in public view. The citation is $100 and there are repercussions for repeat offenses or for possession of over one ounce. If it’s being transported to your home from the dispensary in its closed container, you’re fine. It’s important to know the rules regarding cannabis use if you’re going to reside in Seattle or anywhere else in Washington State.


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