We all enjoy the HVAC equipment here

Like almost everyone else I work a task during normal working minutes, and i don’t savor my task, however I need my task to pay the bills, so it’s what I have to do for now… What I unquestionably want to do is make my podcast, which has been my personal passion for the last more than one years, and the thing is that there are a million podcasts out there, and thus it is particularly hard to make currency from a podcast.

I am still struggling to grow my audience, and it consumes all of my nights and weekends! Although Orland Park is only twenty miles from Chicago, it feels savor it’s own little world sporadically, but fortunately my podcast is about HVAC tips and tricks for beach home repair, and there isn’t another 1 in this area on that subject… Most of the podcasts based in Orland Park are about activitys, either local or national, however my slant towards HVAC work makes myself and others different, and also gives myself and others appeal across the country. The air conditioner repair tips I supply on my show work just as well in California, and NY, as they do in Orland Park, so there is no regional bias in my content, however still, I am 1 of ninety many podcast that originate from Orland Park, so even though I’m the only 1 about HVAC work I am still overshadowed by older and more popular podcasts. In the future I don’t even suppose I will promote my show locally in Orland Park, and instead focus all of my attention towards nearby Chicago, which generates more interest.


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