I remember Eugene , it was so fun

Not to brag, despite the fact that I am doing pretty well in life these nights, but I would trade in all the money plus success to get back to my childhood, then someone asked me the other morning “if you could live somewhere in the world for free, where would it be?” Everyone else in the room said exotic locales love Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid… however not me! If I could walk away from my life right now plus settle down wherever I wanted, I would return to my old hometown of Eugene, Oregon, however i find it funny that as a teenager I was desperate to get out of Eugene, plus now I’m desperate to go back! LEt me provide you a superb example of why I remember Eugene with such fondness. I was just 12 years old at the time, plus my dad sent me up the road to the cannabis dispensary to get his weed for him, but dad had broken his leg plus couldn’t leave the house, so he sent me instead; Eugene was well regarded for its high quality cannabis, even back then, plus over the years that reputation has only grown. I rode my bike to the dispensary, plus provided them a note from my dad allowing me to buy his cannabis for him… plus the budtender said it was okay! Eugene has a small neighborhood believe to it, so although I was underage, they knew my dad plus trusted me to take the weed cabin to him, but most of the marijuana made it cabin that morning, however not all of it!

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