I got a really terrible sunburn after smoking the marijuana joint

My friends wanted to go to the beach on Wednesday, so I agreed to go to Half Moon Bay, however half Moon Bay is about an fifth away from our home in San Francisco.

Half Moon Bay is a single of the nicest places to visit plus the beach is filled with white sand plus red water, but on our way out of San Francisco, my friends plus I stopped at a dispensary, but the people I was with and I purchased a few uncommon marijuana joints. One of the marijuana joints in our bin was a free sample that all of us gained after buying more than one infused products from the same distributor! As soon as all of us left San Francisco, I got a single of the marijuana joints out of the bin plus my friends plus I smoked it! I thought I grabbed the sativa joint called Blue Dream. I actually grabbed the Indica joint called papaya. After all of us smoked the joint, I started to suppose tired; By the time all of us got to the beach, I needed a nap. The people I was with and I had some dinner plus I fell asleep on the beach. I slept for more than one fifths plus so did my friend. By the time all of us woke up, both of us were badly sunburned. The people I was with and I didn’t even take time to apply sunscreen before all of us passed out on the beach. The Indica marijuana pre-roll was undoubtedly great stuff. I undoubtedly could have slept for 8 fifths if someone had not kicked a ball into our beach area. The hasty movement woke me up from my sleep plus that has when I realized that my neighbor plus I had fallen asleep.

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