I got a bad sunburn after smoking the marijuana joint

My friends wanted to go to the beach on Saturday, so I agreed to go to Half Moon Bay.

Half Moon Bay is about an hour away from our home in San Francisco.

Half Moon Bay is one of the nicest places to visit and the beach is filled with white sand and blue water. On our way out of San Francisco, my friends and I stopped at a dispensary. We purchased a few different marijuana joints. One of the marijuana joints in our bag was a free sample that we received after buying two infused products from the same distributor. As soon as we left San Francisco, I got one of the marijuana joints out of the bag and my friends and I smoked it. I thought I grabbed the sativa joint called Blue Dream. I actually grabbed the Indica joint called papaya. After we smoked the joint, I started to feel tired. By the time we got to the beach, I needed a nap. We had some lunch and I fell asleep on the beach. I slept for two hours and so did my friend. By the time we woke up, both of us were badly sunburned. We didn’t even take time to apply sunscreen before we passed out on the beach. The Indica marijuana pre-roll was really good stuff. I probably could have slept for 8 hours if someone had not kicked a ball into our beach area. The sudden movement woke me up from my sleep and that’s when I realized that my friend and I had fallen asleep.

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