I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend

It was raining pretty hard last Friday night and my girlfriend and I decided to stay at home instead of going out with friends. I had a long day at work and I didn’t mind staying home for a change. My girlfriend and I ordered pizza from a local Italian restaurant. The place has the best pizza in all of Denver. The pizza place is my favorite restaurant for pizza, pasta, and garlic knots. They have an incredibly flavorful marinara sauce that is made fresh each day. After we placed our order for pizza, my girlfriend and I decided to order a couple of items from the recreational marijuana shop. Recreational marijuana has been legal in Denver for the past eight years. Recreational marijuana is one of the reasons why I decided to move to Colorado. I had a lot of options when I finished my degree and I could have moved anywhere. Denver seemed like a great place to work and live and marijuana made the decision even easier. I met my girlfriend at work. We dated for six months and then we moved into an apartment together. We have a great relationship and we work well together. One reason why we get along well is because both of us use recreational marijuana products. I never worry about my girlfriend trying to stop me from smoking weed. My last girlfriend didn’t like the fact that I used recreational marijuana. It was always an argument and it turned out to be the reason why our relationship ended. Having a girlfriend that enjoys the same things as me is really nice.

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