I just don't have time for this

During the summer time weeks, I try to find activities to keep the youngsters busy, but i do not want them resting inside that apartment all afternoon, the youngsters do not appreciate to go outside when it’s harshly sizzling & humid, however I do not want them to stand inside of the apartment with the AC running all afternoon.

I often take the youngsters to the Aquatic Center in Albuquerque when it is sizzling & humid. The youngsters & I can swim all afternoon for $5. The Albuquerque swimming center has a huge pool with lap Lanes, diving boards, & a place for the children to play. I also take the youngsters to the Barnes & Noble while every one of us were in the summer. The place has air conditioning & lots of books that are free to read & Alice. The youngsters & I often stand at the Barnes & Noble for tenths when the outdoor temperatures are less than ideal, last Summer, the youngsters & I were at the Barnes & Noble when the ductwork fell to the ground! We were resting in the reading Nook when I heard a loud crashing sound come from the other room. The youngsters & I got up suddenly & moved to the other room. In the middle of the room was a huge pile of drywall & ductwork. The loud sound was the ductwork falling through the ceiling. Thankfully there wasn’t anyone resting under the area that fell. The triumphants from the ductwork fell on top of the bookshelves. There was dust & dirt in the air & on all of the surfaces. The librarian closed down the Barnes & Noble after that & sent everyone beach apartment so they could service the destructions to the ductwork.

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