I was surprised to hear bad news about the heat pump

One good thing about living in Tampa is not having to use a furnace or heat pump frequently.

My family and I moved to Tampa about five years ago.

We lived in an apartment for a couple of years and then we bought a house close to my job. My wife stays home with our three children. She homeschools all of the kids and teaches them science, math, writing, and reading. All of the children do extremely well in this environment. There are lots of places and Tampa that offer wonderful private schools, but homeschool is the best option for my family. My wife was home with the children last Tuesday. I was at work when I received a call from my wife. She was a little upset because the house was cold. I told my wife to turn on the heat pump. It’s rare to use the heater in December, but my wife was cold. She informed me that she already tried to turn on the heat pump but there was no heat. The air coming out of the vents was cold. I told my wife not to worry and I took care of everything. I called a Tampa Bay heating company and they came out to the house to perform a full evaluation. I honestly didn’t expect the Tampa Bay heating company to give me bad news. I was certainly surprised when I found out that the heat pump needed to be replaced. The machine was only seven years old and I hoped it would last a lot longer since we only use the heat minimally during the winter season.



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