This trip down will be fun

My friends & I took a road trip down the coast of CA.

  • Both of us were gone for many days & both of us took lots of marijuana with us on the trip… Marijuana was not legal at the time.

My friends & I got pulled over for speeding & both of us were right outside of San Francisco! The officer was a young guy that was current to the force! He found the bag of marijuana in the car & tried to say both of us were drug smugglers. Both of us had a half ounce of weed on us at the time; I why is localed in cuffs & so were my friends. Both of us went before a judge in San Francisco & he found us guilty of the crime. I was sentenced to turn myself & and spend 30 days in jail. These days, San Francisco & the rest of CA have legal marijuana laws, any person can legally carry up to 1 oz of marijuana in their vehicle, since the laws changed, my past infraction is no longer a crime. A lawyer called myself and others & said he could toil to get the conviction expunged from my record & gone forever, however the guy wants $2,500. I do not think I had to pay that much in court fees while both of us were in the original case & I had a year of payments after I got out of jail. Since it’s just a charge for marijuana, I do not mind if someone sees that on my permanent record or not. It’s not a law anymore & all the people knows that.


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