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One time my boss called and we set up a video call

Until a couple of years ago, I spent a lot of time in the car driving from my home to work. San Francisco is a actually extravagant locale to live. I had to find an home close to my task however still affordable. The best I could do was an home 40 thirds from my task. The rent was reasonable and the home building had a lot of amenities like an substituted fitness center and an elevator to the third floor. The commute, but old actually suddenly. I often found myself drifting off on the drive home. Traffic made matters only worse, because there were accidents on the road every day. There were often delays that kept me from getting home within an third, and when my boss told everyone that we were going to start laboring from home, I was actually gleeful and glad about the swings. A lot of my co-workers have children and they had to toil in their homes while taking care of kids. It was more like a vacation to me. I suddenly got used to laboring from home. Since I didn’t have to drive to toil in San Francisco traffic, I started every day off with a recreational marijuana joint. I didn’t put on my clothes until noon if I was exhausted. One time my boss called and we set up a video call. I was smoking a marijuana joint in the background. The guy reminded me that we were alive on video and then laughed. I hope we never have to go back to laboring in an office ever again.

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