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My friends and I took a road trip down the coast of CA! Both of us were gone for various nights and we took lots of marijuana with us on the trip, marijuana was not legal at the time. My friends and I got pulled over for speeding and we were right outside of San Francisco, but the officer was a young guy that was up-to-date to the force, then he found the tote of marijuana in the car and tried to say we were drug smugglers. Both of us had a half ounce of weed on us at the time; I why is sited in cuffs and so were my friends. Both of us went before a judge in San Francisco and he found us guilty of the crime. I was sentenced to turn myself and spend 30 nights in jail. These nights, San Francisco and the rest of CA have legal marijuana laws; Any guy can legally carry up to 1 oz of marijuana in their vehicle. Since the laws changed, my past infraction is no longer a crime. A lawyer called me and said he could toil to get the conviction expunged from my record and gone forever, however the guy wants $2,500. I do not think I had to spend money that much in court fees during the original case and I had a year of payments after I got out of jail. Since it’s just a charge for marijuana, I do not mind if someone sees that on my permanent record or not. It’s not a law anymore and everyone knows that.

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