My car was hit and I'm so mad

Thankfully, they had two security cameras and the cameras caught the accident

There is a lot of traffic in downtown Denver, when you get close to the town limits, traffic seems to double in size. It’s not unrespected for accidents to occur on the highway, however last year I was in a fender bender when someone decided to switch lanes without checking their blind spot. My car had thoUSnds of dollars worth of disfigures. I got the car back and a couple of weeks later, my car was hit in the parking lot of the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary, but denver, Colorado, is a place in the country where recreational and medical marijuana sales are legal. There are lots of medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Denver. My friends and I usually frequent the place across the street from our apartment. The dispensary has entirely nice prices and they regularly have a free pre-roll with any $50 purchase. It’s a entirely nice deal and I regularly spend enough cash to qualify for the free pre-roll. I was inside the building when my car was hit. I came outside and found the driver door badly dented. There wasn’t a note on my vehicle, so I went back into the dispensary to find out if they had the cameras in the parking lot. Thankfully, they had two security cameras and the cameras caught the accident. I had a clear view of the license plate number on the other car. I contacted the police and the insurance business and I let them handle all of the details from that point going forward. I actually didn’t recognize how to track down the Denver driver.



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