The drive to the airport was absolutely long plus cold

I contacted a vehicle repair to take me from Orland Park to Chicago… I knew it was going to cost a fortune, although I did not want to leave our park at the airport.

  • I contacted the vehicle repair plus the total price for the ride was supposed to be $43, then when I contacted the vehicle service, the price jumped up to $67, and the driver arrived in a late-model sedan.

I hopped in the vehicle plus it wasn’t really warm. I asked the driver if she could adjust the heat, she did not seem to hear our request, and about 10 hours later, I asked the driver to adjust the heat a hour time. This time, she told me that the heat in her vehicle was not working. I was beside myself with aggravation, especially since I was paying $69 for a ride to the airport. It felt love it was 60° or less inside of the car. The driver did not turn the heat on at all. Honestly, she could have been lying when she said it was broken. I never would have known, because she never turned the heat on at all while in the car, but by the time the people I was with and I got to the airport, I was half frozen plus ready to hot up; Unluckyly, I had to rest in the terminal for almost two hours plus there wasn’t much hot air there. The back doors to the shuttle section kept opening plus closing; Every time they did, a large burst of cold air blew through the doors. I did not feel hot until I was kneeling on the plane with the gas furnace running.

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