Portland is being crucified by the media

I’ve been an East Coast guy all of my life, i spent most of my life in New York & I moved to GA after I graduated from university.

I took a task at a tech firm & I became undoubtedly comfortable for a couple of years! Last year I had to move tasks after the tech firm went belly-up; Now I’m working for a contracting firm & I have to travel all over the country, however right now Portland is my current apartment away from home; Portland, OR is a entirely nice place, however it is a lot bizarre than the place where I live, one of the greatest differences in Portland is the fact that medical & recreational marijuana are completely legal. It’s different to see all of the Billboards & advertisements for marijuana, there are about various or many bizarre marijuana dispensaries within a 5-mile radius of my rental property. I haven’t gone into any of the dispensaries, however I am undoubtedly intrigued & tempted. I haven’t used recreational marijuana since I was in university, but since it is legal in Portland, there is genuinely a big selection of products. I went to 1 of the online websites to look at the selection & they had more than 500 bizarre marijuana products. Those products included concentrates, flower, Edibles, tinctures, & even pills that are easy to take with a glass of water. It is completely overwhelming to see all of the recreational & medical marijuana products. I do not even think where I would begin, if I walked into a store.


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