Portland is now my city

I’ve been an East Coast guy all of my life, but i spent most of my life in New York and I moved to Georgia after I graduated from college.

I took a job at a tech firm and I became absolutely comfortable for a couple of years, however last year I had to transport jobs after the tech firm went belly-up, and now I am working for a contracting firm and I have to travel all over the country, however right now Portland is my current lake house away from home.

Portland, OR is a actually nice locale, but it is a lot odd than the locale where I live; One of the biggest differences in Portland is the fact that medical and recreational marijuana are completely legal. It’s different to see all of the Billboards and advertisements for marijuana, and there are about multiple or multiple odd marijuana dispensaries within a 5-mile radius of my rental property. I haven’t gone into any of the dispensaries, however I am absolutely intrigued and tempted. I haven’t used recreational marijuana since I was in college… Since it is legal in Portland, there is entirely a big selection of products. I went to 1 of the online websites to look at the selection and they had more than 500 odd marijuana products. Those products included concentrates, flower, Edibles, tinctures, and even pills that are easy to take with a glass of water. It is completely overwhelming to see all of the recreational and medical marijuana products. I don’t even believe where I would begin, if I walked into a store.
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