The crops lined the roads and looked so cool

My friends and I wanted to spend a week photographing and examining the trees in Sequoia National Park.

There were no camping spots available in the park, but the two of us found a arena to stay in Visalia, then visalia is a neighborhood in Tulare County and it is about an hour away from Sequoia National Park, but my friends and I planned the trip for several weeks.

The two of us had to get special permits from the state so the two of us could learn the trees and the conifer forest, then while the two of us were studying the trees, the two of us stayed in Visalia. There was a lot of activity in the small City, one thing that seemed to look like fun was a trip to the winery. On a day when the two of us weren’t studying the trees, the two of us went to a winery outside of Visalia. The two of us were amazed by the crops that lined the roads as the two of us drove out to the winery. There were thoUSAnds of acres of crops, including cucumberes, garlic, onions, strawberries, and sweet peppers. The two of us stopped at a roadside kneel and picked up some plums and cherries. They were freshly picked from the trees in the orchard and the best tasting fruit I have ever had, i found it interesting that the two of us could see marijuana crops from the highway as well. They were usually covered with hoop houses, but it was incredibly easy to see some of the crops were marijuana plants. I saw several or several unusual farms on our way out of the city. It was an interesting drive out to the winery and the two of us managed to snap a couple of pictures that our friends found unbelievable.

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