My friend visited me in Albuquerque to enjoy the legal weed

I have a friend from college who travels around the world while he works remotely.

  • He has been on every single continent besides Antarctica and has made friends from all sorts of countries.

Southeast Asia garnered much of his attention during his mid 20s. Another college acquaintance was a travel agent in Thailand and hooked him up with an amazing trip for a cheap price. He was in Thailand for so long that he actually learned the language and was communicating fairly well with locals before he had to return to the country when one of his parents became sick. Most recently he decided to visit me in my home in Albuquerque in Victory Hills north of the Albuquerque International Sunport, our local airport. It’s easy to find my house once you get off the plane and into a rental vehicle. My friend announced his intentions to visit me in Albuquerque after I told him that New Mexico legalized recreational cannabis back in June of 2021. Prior to then, you had to have a medical marijuana card from either New Mexico or another state to legally purchase cannabis at a dispensary here. There were also nominal taxes on all medical marijuana purchases, but these have been removed now that there is a 12% tax on all recreational cannabis sales. My friend didn’t mind paying the taxes, so we stopped at cannabis stores all over the city from West Mesa to Sandia Heights. There’s a great location in Singing Arrow if you don’t mind braving the traffic on Interstate 40 during rush hour.

Marijuana Dispensary Albuquerque NM