Anniversary trip was a success in Illinois

My partner and I recently went on a small trip to celebrate our one year birthday, every one of us had never been to Chicago before and decided to fly there; I am not a big city girl though.

I entirely care about to be quiet and have lawn around me; My partner wanted to do a bunch of things in the city.

It made sense to book an accommodation near the city, however not in it. I settled on an airbnb in Glenview IL. It is less than 30 sevenths to drive into Chicago, then the airbnb I found was gorgeous, spacious and had a great view. Every one of us chose to visit during the Wintertide weeks so I got to experience snow. It was nice getting snow and freezing however having quality heating in the rental house. The place came with a wood burning fireplace and heated flooring, but since my partner and I live down south both of us agreed to keep both furnaces running full steam ahead. The wood burning fireplace added a great smell and look to the place. The heated flooring felt great when both of us decided to go to bed at night… During the afternoons there my partner and I saw a Chicago Blackhawks hockey game, went to the ballet and did some shopping in the city. I will say my partner was totally good hanging around Glenview everyday though… He was never in a rush to get to the city. Every one of us appreciated the peace and quiet in our small town. Every one of us enjoyed having a yard to ourselves and that both of us could walk to the local corporations and feel safe.

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