Things to do in my area of Whitby

In Whitby Ontario I have plenty of things to do. I really enjoy hockey and I have my kids all signed up and on their own teams. We frequently make a pilgrimage to see the professional Toronto Maple Leaves play. Whitby does have a lower level team the Whitby Dunlops that compete for the Allan Cup. They are always fun to watch too. Another thing that I do in my area is play golf. Most people think of my area as being snowy and cold all the time. We actually do get pretty nice weather. My area has around seven different golf courses. They are all quite large and offer great scenery. We have every range from the high end, members only club to lower level golfers can just pay and go. My buddies and I try to stay on it with our golf. We hope to go every weekend but with the kids it is about every other weekend. In the wintertime my friends and I take the families and go snowboarding. It is really easy to find a place that has the equipment for it. Another great thing about my area is legal weed. A lot of people don’t realize that Whitby does have cannabis dispensaries. You can get oil, flowers, edibles, topicals and tinctures. Whatever floats your boat, we have it. I sometimes partake in a little legal pot, but only if a buddy brings it. I don’t really want to golf or ski when I am stoned. I also don’t want to smoke around my kids.


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