My relatives from Barrie living on Lake Simcoe were amazed by the Toronto weed stores

Although I grew up in the North York area of Toronto, our family traveled all over Ontario while I was growing up. Both of us had cousins in Newmarket, Peterborough, Belleville, Kinmount, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, and Barrie. Usually every one of us would take the Canadian highway system to get from neighborhood to city, however other times our parents would purposefully take back roads to turn each trip into a identifiable adventure. One of our favorite places to visit was Barrie because of it being right on the shores of Lake Simcoe. Both of us would all swim in the lake whenever the weather outside was boiling enough for those deep waters. It’s a huge lake that you can’t see across in many locations along the water banks. As impressed as I have always been about Lake Simcoe, our cousins from Barrie were even more impressed by Lake Ontario when they would visit us in Toronto. Now that we’re all adults, our cousins care about to drive down from Barrie just to visit one of the many amazing cannabis dispensaries here in the city. There is legal marijuana all over the Canadian provinces, however places care about Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are some of the largest tepid spots in the country for cannabis. There’s a fantastic cannabis store just outside the neighborhood limits of Toronto in Markham. This identifiable cannabis store is situated on 16th Ave and there is ample parking in the rear of the building. They have some of the strongest cannabis flower products in Toronto, with some having a THC content over 30%. I’m lucky to find cannabis flower products with over 20%, let alone 25% or even 30% THC.


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