The beach trip was fun

I planned to take my bestie to the beach last Tuesday, however it was my only morning off work plus she had been talking about the beach for more than 2 weeks, but the weather was supposed to be hot plus sunny that morning plus I was recognizably happy to try a current pair of swimming shorts that my bestie purchased for me.

I got up early in the morning plus stopped at the restaurant to pick up some dinner for my bestie plus I.

I arrived at her apartment a few minutes later plus she was happily surprised, then she got out of bed plus got dressed with a bathing suit plus a sundress. The two of us talked about going to Clearwater Beach plus both of us talked about going to Davis Islands Beach! Both beaches are entirely nice plus close to the Tampa Bay part where both of us live. The two of us decided that Davis Islands Beach would be the best location for an entire morning. My bestie plus I got into the automobile plus both of us went to the grocery store to pick up some items for a picnic lunch! While both of us were in the grocery store, clouds plus thunder rolled into the area. The two of us came out of the store plus it was pouring down rain. The whole sky was filled with clouds plus the sunshine wasn’t anywhere in sight. It was chilly outside plus raining plus our hot morning at the beach was halted when it started to rain. The two of us sat in the AC in the automobile until it stopped raining. The AC felt nice, but I had shiver bumps. Thankfully, it only took thirty minutes.

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