All of us spent the afternoon horseback riding at San Vicente Park

Tarzana is a appealing town outside of Los Angeles, but there are not a lot of fun activities in the city, then when our friends and I want to have fun, both of us spend the afternoon at San Vicente Mountain Park! San Vicente Mountain Park is 1 of the only sites that offers horseback riding, then the locale was an seasoned missile launch locale and is 1 of the only sites close to Tarzana that offers hiking and spectacular views; My friends and I went to San Vicente Park last Sunday so both of us could take the horses; All of us loaded up the trailer and got on the freeway.

Before both of us landed at San Vicente Park, both of us decided to stop at a cannabis shop in LA.

The cannabis shop was 8 miles out of the way, but both of us did not want to miss the chance to buy an extravagant cannabis. Most of the sites in Tarzana are easily extravagant. Anytime I get to travel close to the city, I try to stop at a cannabis shop with cheaper prices. My friend and I picked up a half ounce of Blue Dream sativa flower for a hundred bucks and both of us also got a couple of Blue Dream pre-rolls for free with the purchase. All of us smoked all of the Blue Dream pre-rolls while both of us were riding at the park. All of us saved the half ounce of Blue Dream for later that afternoon when both of us came back to Tarzana; Everyone was tired after spending the afternoon riding and both of us all wanted to relax and unwind at the end of the afternoon.


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