Santa Barbara Depends on tourism

Santa Barbara, a city on the Pacific coast in central California, has Beauty like no other.

Because of its prime location, liberal recreational cannabis laws, and General amazingness, Santa Barbara is a tourist haven.

If the bright lights and big city are not your cup of tea when you’re thinking of getting away from the daily hustle and bustle, Santa Barbara might just be the place to go for your next vacation. While you are there, you can enjoy fine dining, local wines at restaurants, a beautiful beach, mountains in the background, and legal medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. If wine or liquor is not your choice, you can always depend on freely enjoying your recreational cannabis. Of course, you will most likely be asked to do so outdoors if you are at a restaurant because most restaurants still include a no-smoking regulation. Some, however, have interpreted that to mean no smoking tobacco. In that case, they will sometimes allow your legal marijuana use after a beautiful dinner. Santa Barbara makes an effort to ensure that visitors to the city enjoy life while they are there. Santa Barbara is not the place to see kids with mouse ears on their heads or big city skyscrapers and homelessness problems. No. Santa Barbara is beautiful, and that beauty is what makes tourists come. The chic west coast lifestyle is yours for the asking in beautiful Santa Barbara. There are numerous hotels along the beach, but they are not the gauche condominiums you find in other states with lots of coastline. Instead, these lovely hotels offer an old world charm. One of my favorite things to do in Santa Barbara is simply sit on the patio of my favorite Hotel on the beach and enjoy fresh seafood plucked from the Pacific, followed by a glass of local wine and a cigarette of legal recreational marijuana.

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