I lost all of my weed at the bay

There are a ton of nice places in San Francisco to visit, but all of my favorite places are outdoors.

I love spending a day at the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge. It’s only a few minutes away from my house in East Palo Alto. The Wildlife Refuge is a great place for hiking and having a picnic. Sometimes my friends and I take our kayaks out on the bay. The Wildlife Refuge is a great place to launch, because there are many areas where the water is low. You can walk out a great distance to the Bay before you are in water over your waist. Last weekend my friends and I decided to spend the day fishing and kayaking in the San Francisco Bay. Before we went to the Bay, we decided to stop at a cannabis dispensary. Recreational and medical marijuana are legal in San Francisco and everywhere else in the state of California. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to find. I picked up a half ounce of OG Kush at 27.8%. That half an ounce smelled really nice and all of the buds were covered in trichomes. My friends and I decided to roll a blunt when we got to the water. We didn’t have any flat surfaces except the hood of the car. It was a relatively calm day, so we used the hood of the car. A huge gust of wind came out of nowhere and all of the weed in the bag fell on the ground. I had to dig through the marsh weeds to find as much as possible.

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