The delivery guy was really cute, but I was too shy to get his number

My friends and I live in Sacramento, California, but we decided to go to San Francisco last weekend for the Gay Pride Festival.

We hung out in the Haight-Ashbury district and we spent a day at the Wharf.

My friends and I stayed at a hotel right in downtown San Francisco. We were in the middle of everything. While we were in San Francisco, we ordered recreational cannabis supplies from a shop close to the hotel. We were going to pick up the order, but they offered free delivery. We picked out a couple of different cannabis products. One was a pre-rolled marijuana joint called Girl Scout cookies. The hybrid strain is known for providing excellent pain relief without the drowsy feeling. Girl Scout cookies is an excellent strain and there are a hundred different hybrids made with this easy to grow plant. When the delivery driver arrived with our marijuana items, I wanted to get his phone number. The delivery guy was really cute, but I was too shy. My friends told me to call the dispensary and ask for the guy by name, but I was only in town for a couple of days and I didn’t want to get into a long distance relationship. I thought it was best to stick to our plans of having fun, dancing, and drinking. I didn’t need a date to have fun with my friends. We spent four days in San Francisco during the gay pride festival and it was easily one of the most interesting and fun vacations that I have ever experienced.

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