Making a marijuana delivery

There really isn’t a lot of crime in Denver, but one of my employees got carjacked on his first delivery.

  • Kids started working at the marijuana delivery service last week.

He had 3 days of in-store training. He started delivering orders on Friday. It was an extremely busy day and I knew that we needed all hands on deck. The first delivery was 6 mi from the marijuana dispensary. It wasn’t a delivery in the bad part of town, but the kid had to drive through a very seedy neighborhood. The interstate was shut down in that part of town and there are plenty of detours that take you through the city. I sent the kid out of the dispensary with $200 worth of marijuana products. He told me that he knew the Denver area well. He did not seem worried about the detours or the side streets. About 30 minutes after the kids left, he called with an update on the order. The kid got carjacked when he left the interstate on one of the detours. The police were at the scene of the carjacking, but the kid’s car was gone. The perpetrators took the car while holding the kid hostage with a weapon. He did not bother to take the marijuana out of the car. The Denver police officers didn’t know where to start with the case. It was the first time they had seen this type of crime in a very long time. I felt awful for the kid, but thankfully he had full coverage insurance. They will replace his stolen car quickly.


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