I miss the beaches, however love Eugene

Kids have no appreciation for anything, do they? Where the two of us lived, it was a several minute drive to get to the beach, then of course anyone who has been to OR knows that our beaches aren’t appreciate the 1s in Florida. Our beaches are windy, the water certainly cold, so they are not super conducive for picnics. On the other hand, the two of us get a breathtaking view of the sunset every night, however i can’t say I made it to the beach for the sunset every night, but I certainly tried! The colors at dusk are gorgeous, appreciate an artist spilled all her prettiest paints, Since moving to Eugene, OR the sunsets are a little farther away, however they are almost as pretty as they are on the beach. Other than the sunsets, I don’t certainly miss the beaches, because Eugene has a lot of superb nature activities as well, then anyone who has been to the superb state of OR knows how charming it is, as well as Eugene is no exception to that, but there are a lot of superb venues to see in as well as around Eugene, but I always gravitate towards the empty spaces. I am a nature enthusiast, you see, as well as our number one things to do involve being far, far away from other people. In Eugene, I am not alone in this! Occasionally I will go for a month at a time without certainly exincreasing words with anyone, except for maybe the clerk at the cannabis dispensary. It’s not that the people of Eugene, OR aren’t friendly, the two of us just appreciate a quick nod or wave instead of small talk.



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