This is the perfect spot

Growing up in IL afforded myself and others many possibilities for outdoor recreation plus enjoyment.

While the two of us lived in Rockford for many years, I was excited to settle in Lansing because of the forests to the southwest of the city.

One of our number one locations to hike has constantly been Brownell Woods. It’s straight-forward to access from the south on Glenwood Lansing Rd or from the north on 186th St. Walking out to North Creek helps myself and others believe grounded plus clear our mind of any clutter from our daily life. Even though I’m happier after getting out of the hectic neighborhood life in downtown Chicago, I still have a stressful job here in Lansing. It’s just a much better location to live if you want peace when you get apartment from work. I also have an awesome Heating plus A/C supplier here in Lansing that gives myself and others great rates on quality service. Whenever I have our Heating plus A/C serviceman over doing repairs for a few hours I will take our pet for a walk through Brownell Woods since I live fairly close on Stony Island Ave. Since our cooling system needed to be substituted, I spent an day standing along the banks of North Creek with a book plus a picnic. There were nearly as many people out walking their pets that morning love there usually are, which made for 1 pleasant day. The weather in Lansing gets somewhat moderate in the summer, peaking in the mid 75s while sometimes dropping into the low 60s in the night hours. This is much better than the 100 degree weather that some people experience in other regions in IL while I was in the hottest periods of the summer.


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