Santa Barbara is my kind of town

When my fiance and I met, she was modeling for an agency in NY City! All of us got married a couple of months after she stopped working for the agency, and she decided to try acting in CA instead.

All of us moved to Santa Barbara when my fiance was cast in a sitcom for afternoontime TV… Santa Barbara is a elegant locale to live, then my fiance and I live near the Mesa, however it is a really nice neighborhood because it is close to the ocean! Our house is a rental, however all of us often look at real estate in the section just in case all of us find something affordable.

I would live here permanently even if my fiance stopped shooting the show in the area. The beach is truly my number one section about residing in Santa Barbara. There are lots of elegant beaches to visit, however one of my number ones is ThoUSAnd Steps Beach. ThoUSAnd Steps Beach is right above Santa Barbara in Laguna County. The beach is a Sandy section with tidal pools, caves, showers, and restrooms. There are a lot of parking areas and plenty of picnic tables and locales for families to kneel and relax. I go to the beach almost every afternoon. I prefer to kneel on the beach and smoke a marijuana joint. I often ride my bike to the beach, however when I arrived, I sat in a small Alcove that overlooks the water. It’s the perfect locale to smoke a marijuana joint, because there is no wind inside of the section and it is easy to light a joint.

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