The guest took the wrong coat at the end of the night

My wife and I were visiting some friends in Denver for a couple of days.

We stayed in a hotel a few miles from their house.

They offered to let us stay with them, but we honestly wanted privacy. We were excited to visit with our friends, but we wanted the evenings to ourselves. While we were in Denver, my wife and I decided to go to a recreational marijuana shop. Denver, Colorado is one of the places around the country where recreational and medical marijuana is legal. Since we were in Denver, I thought it was the perfect time to try legal cannabis. Several dispensaries offered free delivery to our hotel, but I didn’t want anyone to know my personal business. I decided to leave my wife at the hotel and I went to The Dispensary on my own. I picked out a couple of different items. One of those items was a disposable marijuana vape pen. I had it in my pocket that night when my wife and I went to dinner with our friends. We went to a place that checked our coats. I was worried about the contents of my jacket, but the clerk told me not to worry because they are safely stored in a coat room. At the end of the night, someone took the wrong coat. They accidentally took my coat home as well as my disposable marijuana vape pen, a $20 bill, and two pens from the hotel. I also lost my brand new jacket, which was an eighty dollar windbreaker from Columbia.



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