I did not use the guide they gave me

My friends and I went to Haight-Ashbury for the day, but all of us program to walk around and visit some of the local shops! There was a eating establishment with excellent reviews and every one of us planned to visit the arena for supper.

All of us drove all the way to San Francisco from the San Jose area.

The 101 wasn’t honestly busy, however once every one of us hit San Francisco, traffic was insane; I found a parking garage close to our supper destination, however my friends wanted to visit a marijuana dispensary before every one of us made the choice to go downtown. I stopped at a arena on the side of a honestly steep hill! My friends and I went into the marijuana dispensary and picked out a couple of recreational supplies for the day, when I came out of the shop, my motorcar was crashed into a truck behind me. I completely forgot to use the parking brake and my motorcar drifted back into the truck parked in the spot behind me. I waited for the other driver for a while, even though I had no way of knowing when the guy would come back. I left my name, iphone number, and insurance information; Later that day I acquired a honestly miserable iphone call from the driver of the car; He tried to say it was a hit-and-run accident, even though I had proof that I left information. The guy called me on my iphone number and had my name. I also had proof of the accident from the marijuana dispensary. They had security cameras outside of the building and caught the whole thing in action.



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