The insurance company paid for everything during the move

After I finished my MBA, I had a lot of job offers.

I finished second in my class and I had a lot of interest.

An insurance company offered me a position in the accounting department. It was a very lucrative job offer and I would start as an executive instead of at an entry level position. I was very interested in the job with the insurance company. I met with several people from the business and I was ultimately offered the job. I had my choice between three different locations. The company had offices in San Francisco, Tampa, and Nashville. I was living in Florida at the time, so Tampa was out of the question. Nashville sounded like a place with cold Winters. San Francisco sounded like a great option, and my wife and I agreed to take a week-long trip to visit the area and look at real estate. While my wife and I were in San Francisco, we visited a recreational marijuana dispensary. Both of us dabbled with recreational marijuana when we were in college, but it wasn’t legal and we were worried about getting caught. When we realized the added benefits of moving to San Francisco would include being able to purchase recreational marijuana, our decision was easy to make. The insurance company pays for everything during the move. They paid for a moving truck as well as a crew of guys to drive the stuff across the country. My wife and I took a first class flight across the country and arrived in San Francisco a couple of days before our furniture and clothing.

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