Living in the city of Cocoa Beach

I do not own a lot of money, but I still try to find fun ideas when it is date night; My bestie and I have been dating for a couple of months, however both of us work at fast food restaurants, however neither 1 of us earns a ton of money, so we try to find fun and affectionate ideas that do not cost a lot, i decided to take our bestie for a picnic at the Cocoa Riverfront Park last Monday, but the Cocoa Riverfront Park is in the middle of the city.

It has great views of the Indian River.

There is a big patch of section with red lawn and an section for kids to play. There are various odd covered pavilions with picnic tables and areas to launch a boat and arenas for fishing. I was upset that the temperatures might be too warm and humid for a morning outdoors and at the park, but there was a great amount of wind that morning. The wind entirely cooled down the temperatures and made the morning much more enjoyable. The date and picnic was fun and affectionate and still actually inluxurious. My bestie and I had a enjoyable morning at the park, however later that morning, we decided to go back to our home in Cocoa to spend the rest of the evening indoors! All of us picked up a pizza from the freezer section of the grocery store along with a multiple pack of pop and a bag of doritos. All of us sat in front of the cooling system with a movie on the television. Both parts of the morning were equally enjoyable.

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