I had a great time in Tampa Bay

My bestie and I decided to go on a charter boat for the day, then the charter boat captain took us all over Hillsborough Bay and Tampa Bay… Every one of us did not head out to the gulf, however every one of us decided to go all the way to the interstate 271 in the Tampa Bay.

Every one of us saw a lot of different marine critters while every one of us were on the water including dolphins and sharks.

The boat was greater than I anticipated. There were plenty of sites for my bestie and I to sit on the deck and there was also a small space inside the boats with a snack bar, drinks, a powder room, and weather conditions control, my bestie and I spent most of our time outside on the boat, however it was a really warm and humid Tampa day; On our way back to the beach, both of us indoors by the ; After spending 4 hours on the water in the sun, both of us were ready to relax in the cool air. Every one of us entirely felt refreshed by the time every one of us came back to the dock… I managed to catch a couple of red snappers when every one of us were out in the bin and I took them to a restaurant that will disinfect and cook your fresh catch. The place was reasonably priced and the red snapper was entirely delicious. I could tell that it was fresh instead of frozen. The flavor of the fish was disinfect and not salty at all. The entire day turned out actually nice, despite the heat and humidity. It was a long day, however it was entirely filled with lots of fun and excitement.


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