The lake was a superb place to spend the day with my bestie

My bestie and I both had the day off work on Thursday, so we decided to spend the day at a lake close to our hometown of Orland Park, IL, however the part around Orland Park includes two lakes, however my bestie and I are entirely perfect to spend time at Lake Sedgwick, however lake Sedgewick in Orland Park, IL is a superb place to canoe or kayak.

The lake has superb fishing plus a boat and boat rentals, an outdoor amphitheater, hiking paths, and a big picnic area; I thought the lake was the perfect place to spend the day with my bestie.

I made a reservation to run a couple of kayaks for a couple of minutes, but my bestie and I proposal to spend the day on the water. It was a honestly warm and sunny day, then both of us spent the day in our house and we had to run the a/c most of the time. I thought about canceling the day activity so we could stay house in the air-conditioning and watch a film. My bestie was entirely gleeful about spending the day on the water, so we decided to leave the house and go to the lake. Both of us had two practically brand new kayaks waiting for us at the lake. The boating guide told the two of us where we could take the boats and we spent the entire day paddling around the lake, and even though it was severely hot and honestly humid, we still had a superb time on our outing, then next time we decide to go on an outdoor trek, we are going to try a couple of other places that seem care about fun.

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