The balloon festival was canceled

Last year, my partner plus I were supposed to visit New Mexico! All of us planned to stay in Albuquerque for 2 weeks during the balloon festival, but i was looking forward to the event.

The fiesta occurs every year, however the two of us happened to make plans to go during the a single year that it was canceled because of the virus.

All of us already had our plans to go to the city, so the two of us decided to amend our plans. Instead of staying for 2 weeks, the two of us canceled half of the vacation plus decided to stay for a single month instead. All of us still went to Albuquerque, however instead of going to the festival, the two of us decided to visit a couple of other sites around the city! One of the cool sites that the two of us visited was an outdoor park called the petroglyph National Monument. All of us spent the entire day at the Petroglyph National monument in Albuquerque, however before my partner plus I went out to the nature area, the two of us stopped at a recreational marijuana dispensary. All of us thought it might be fun to care about the activity under the influence of cannabis. All of us bought a disposable vape pen that wasn’t a sativa strain Blue Dream. Both of us Vaped from the pain a couple of times on our way to the monument. By the time the two of us arrived, the two of us were feeling really relaxed plus ready for an adventure. All of us hiked multiple of the areas near the monument plus the two of us enjoyed our day outside, then even though the two of us did not get to care about the Balloon Fiesta, I am glad the two of us didn’t cancel our trip to Albuquerque.


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