Moving away from his family was good

My partner plus I used to live near his family in Chicago, Illinois.

He wasn’t honestly close to his parents or siblings! Due to proximity, every one of us were always involved! It was constant going to BBQs, pool events or events with the family… My partner would fight with his sibling plus his mother would be mean to me, then once every one of us had kids it was clear every one of us needed to move.

Our kids going to a town school wasn’t great. It was a lot of disadvantage experiences plus their cousins weren’t great influences, then the two of us didn’t want to move too far, however just far enough. My partner plus I moved closer to my family plus now our home base is Libertville Iliioinois. The area is much more rural plus safer. The school my kids go to is a much better fit! Rather than doing things on tick tock, the kids focus on their grades… Since the weather is so frosty in Libertyville, there are quite a few Winter time sports. My kids are honestly involved with hockey. My kids have a travel hockey team they go on every year. Over the Summer it is hockey, hockey. During the Springtime semester they still have a more local team that they practice with. It is so much nicer for us. The events every one of us go to are sporting a singles that my family attends. If my partner feels every one of us need to see his family, it is a haul for us. It is almost three hours in the car just a single way. It discourages him from seeing them too often.
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