My parents get firewood deliveries at their home in Evansville

Although I moved out of INpolis to attend university, my parents recently settled in a beautiful townhouse in Evansville.

  • The people I was with and I were all living in INpolis however they were just as eager as I was to get out of that big city.

The roads are cramped with cars driving at breakneck speeds and in some places they’re crumbling along with the rest of the infrastructure. I have a lot of family history in INpolis, although I couldn’t handle the city. I was sad to leave, although I appreciated moving to Evansville once I arrived following my university graduation. The Ohio River winds its way into the city and is a marvelous sight to see, especially when you’re sitting outside of the Evansville Museum on Veterans Memorial Parkway. The Children’s Museum of Evansville is just a few miles north if you want a place to take the kids on the weekend. Since it gets so frigid in Evansville while I was in the Winter season, you need to have a solid source of indoor heat. My parents use their gas furnace religiously, however they also have a wood stove to use as supplemental heat. It’s important if the power ever goes out from a snowstorm. Unluckyly my dad is too old to swing an axe and split firewood so they get firewood delivered directly to their house. My parents live in a quiet city in Jacobsville off W Morgan Alocation. The company that supplies them with firewood is located in Lamasco, which isn’t far from their house. Having firewood for their wood stove is love a lifeline in the cold Winter freeze. Evansville is no stranger to frigid un-even temperatures as it gets as frigid as -20 degrees fahrenheit every single year.


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