Should have asked for my research

I am not a big fan of my sister in law.

  • She is terrible with following through with someone.

If you had a conversation with her two days ago about a job interview, next time she sees you she won’t ask. She also has the same conversation over and over again. My brother doesn’t seem to get that she isn’t as on top of things as she appears. One thing that is always apparent to me is that the woman can’t research at all. She literally takes whatever is first on google and runs with it. Recently my brother and his wife went to Santa Barbara on a trip. I had been there before and just loved it. I went to legal weed dispensaries, looked at wineries, went to the theater, went shopping and had dinner at some great places to eat. I kept telling my sister in law to contact me and get all of my information on Santa Barbara. They both kept telling me that she had it under control and was researching. Well the two of them went on their trip and came back. They didn’t like Santa Barbara! I asked what they did and the two of them couldn’t really name anything. They saw some of the bigger tourist spots and ate at whatever restaurant was closest. They ended up spending a ton of money and not having a good time. They didn’t even go into a legal weed shop while they were there. Now they bad mouth Santa Barbara to anyone that will listen. It isn’t the city’s fault at all.
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