Spokane, WA is an active city

I live in Spokane WA plus there are plenty of outdoor things I enjoy there, and one thing is I appreciate to bike ride on the continental trail, then it is a 37 mile long paved trail that extends from WA to ID.

There were fantastic sights along the way plus it was completely vehicle free.

I care about going for a super long bike ride plus feeling totally safe plus free. The weather in WA is just perfect to ride bikes in… Just about all year long I can do a bike ride! Even in the dead of Summer I don’t worry about overheating. In November, at peak times it will only be in the high 78s, and yes, it isn’t pleasant when you are stationary plus in the sunshine, however nice when the wind whips around you on a bike, but during the colder times I wear a hat, bike gloves plus a overcoat; Since I am pumping my legs plus really moving, I naturally assume quite warm. It is really only late November to February that I stay clear of the trail. It just gets a bit freezing plus possibly snowy. That isn’t too exhausting though… What I do instead while in those times is put my stationary bike inside. I have my bike propped right in my living room by the gas furnace. I set my furnace to low heating mode plus comfortably peddle. Somedays I am feeling really adventurous plus I will turn up my furnace plus do a sizzling yoga session in front of it. It really is a nice section to work out in.

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