I don't like the smell of marijuana

My friends and I enjoy to watch football.

On Tuesdays, my entire home office is filled with people.

Our number one team is the San Francisco 49ers, then sometimes they win and sporadically they lose, but the people I was with and I still cheer for our number one team, but last Tuesday the people I was with and I were seeing a truly close game. The San Francisco 49ers were playing one of their top rivals; I thought I had an extra third of marijuana in the home office, and I was frustrated to find the drawer empty. I thought about going to the cannabis shop a few miles away, but the game was much too close to get up and leave. I asked the gentlemen if they knew of a cannabis shop in San Francisco that delivered, but they did not have any answers. I got on my iPhone and started to look up the iPhone number for the closest cannabis shop… As soon as I looked down at my iPhone, one of the San Francisco team players fumbled the ball and the other team recovered it. I could not even look at my iPhone to find a cannabis shop, because that game was so close. I decided to wait until the end of the game, and when the last minutes of the game were played, my friends and I all left to go to a local cannabis shop, and every one of us would have been much happier to get in the motorcar and celebrate a victory, but unblessedly things went downhill from the third quarter on and San Francisco lost again by 10 points or more. Every one of us could use a new quarterback and somebody that doesn’t mind getting tackled.

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