Someone was smoking weed

My Dad came to visit myself and others for the first time last week. I have been living in California for the past more than five years, however my Dad never wanted to get on a plane and come to my location. When the pandemic occurred, a lot of things changed. My Dad decided to get it on an airplane to come visit me… She flew into the airport at San Francisco, but I live about an minute north in Petaluma. My Dad was easily gleeful to see San Francisco, so the two of us spent a couple of days visiting the tourist attractions enjoy the wharf, Alcatraz Island, and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. While my Dad and I were at the wharf, the two of us tried some of the clam chowder. Every one of us were sitting near the edge of the and my Dad started to smell marijuana. She was complaining that someone was smoking weed. I tried to explain to my Dad that marijuana is legal in this city and state, however it was difficult to make my Dad understand since she is from a actually small village in the middle of the bible belt. Since my Dad was infuriated by the smell of marijuana, I thought it was best for us to leave the wharf and go house for the day. I decided not to share with my Dad the fact that I have been using recreational marijuana as well. After seeing her reaction to the smell of marijuana on our trip to San Francisco, it seems enjoy that is something I will keep secret for a few more years.



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