Denver should be hosting the Cannabis Cup

Denver is a great city for sports, but to be honest I have never cared about sports.

I like that my city wins championships, and I always support the home team, I just don’t ever watch sports and have no vested interest in it personally. That said, sports has been great to Denver, and this city has embraced it’s teams with a lot of love and support over the years. The main thing I love about this place is the sense of community, either at a football tailgate party, or at one of our amazing local cannabis dispensaries, Denver is a place that feels like home. Although I don’t care for professional sports, I do have a competition that I am invested in, which is trying to bring the Cannabis Cup back to Denver where it rightfully belongs. The cannabis cup is an award presented annually to the best cannabis strain, and Denver residents have won it sixteen times over the last forty years. Denver has won the cannabis cup more than any other city besides Seattle, which is also the reigning current champion in cannabis cultivation. Whatever city wins the cup hosts it the following year, which means this year we actually go to Seattle and try and bring the championship back to Denver. I feel we have a great shot this year, because the strain called Denver Dynamite is one of the cleanest, tastiest ,and most powerful indica strains anyone has ever seen. Let’s hear it for Denver Dynamite, which will hopefully be the cannabis strain that cements us as the best ever!


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