Denver is surrounded by mountains everywhere

My partner in addition to myself live in Colorado in a city called Boulder.

It’s about an hour away from Denver and we often visit the area during winter. Denver is a beautiful neighborhood out in the midwest. It is certainly known because of the altitude which is exactly a mile above the city. The city of Denver has activities and an additional amount of Life at night. My partner in addition to myself usually spend our days in the city when weather is nice. We spent numerous days during winter season when the ground has snow. Denver can be pretty when it snows even on the mountains. My partner in addition to myself prefer skiing. Denver has some great skiing Resorts and some of the best in the country. My partner in addition to myself decided to rent a condo at Keystone last year. Keystone is a very short drive from the city and we took supplies directly to the cabin. The people I was with in addition to myself took extra blankets because we were unaware of the heating situation in the cabin. We were both surprised to find a fireplace in addition to central heating. There was enough wood on the condo porch so we could run the fireplace the whole time. We use the fireplace on many occasions, however we also had to use the electric heat. My partner in addition to myself enjoyed our time skiing in the Denver area for those several days. It was one amazing and cool vacation.



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