My friends and I got high before visiting Eugene, OR

Even though my friends and I appreciate living in Eugene, OR, the two of us tend to get bored doing the same things over and over.

The people I was with and I have gone hiking in the Fox Hollow Trailhead, Skinner Butte Park, Martin Street Trail, and Wild Iris Ridge Park on numerous occasions.

The people I was with and I attend games at Autzen Stadium and concerts at the Hult Center of Performing Arts. Occasionally the two of us have to get creative with our recreational activities if we’ve gone to the same locales around the city repetitively. It used to be fun driving down interstate 126 in the middle of the evening so the two of us could stop and smoke marijuana along the banks of Fern Ridge Lake. Getting high and exploring the outdoors is easy in Eugene, however there are plenty of fun indoor endpoints as well. Recently the two of us all stopped at a cannabis dispensary to buy marijuana edibles to eat as the two of us walked into the front doors at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. These were some dire cannabis brownies with 150mg of THC in every serving. By the time the two of us got our tickets and were inside the Museum, I could recognize the effects start to kick in. The people I was with and I were so high while in our trip at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art that the two of us couldn’t like anything past being in awe at how crazy every aspect of the world felt while on so much cannabis. By the time the two of us left the museum and started heading home, the cannabis was finally starting to wear off. The next time my friends and I want to get high before doing something fun in Eugene, I suppose we’ll stick to the nature trails or similar scenic attractions.

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