I didn’t know they had recreational marijuana in Tarzana.

When I moved to Tarzana, CA, I was well aware of the fact that they had medical marijuana and it was easy to get.

I had ADHD and I had always had a difficult time staying out of trouble because of it.

The state I had lived in kept putting off, passing the law legalizing medical marijuana. When my brother called, he told me to come live with him. He had moved to Tarzana, CA shortly after getting out of the Army. He had met a girl who lived there, and they got married. He was sure that once I moved to Tarzana, CA and moved in with him and his wife, that I could get the medical marijuana that would make it easier to deal with my ADHD. I moved about a month after talking to him, and I never looked back. I was able to establish residency in Tarzana, and I soon went for my medical marijuana card. My brother was happy to hear this, and even happier when I told him I could even grow six plants for myself. He seemed surprised, but then he told me that meant we could grow even more through the recreational marijuana program. Since we were both over 21, we would both be able to grow six plants. When you added in his wife, that was eighteen plants we could grow. I stopped him and asked when recreational marijuana had been legalized in Tarzana, CA. He couldn’t remember the date, but he said it had been long enough that he had already lost several brain cells from all the weed he had smoked.


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