There are wineries and tasting rooms in Santa Barbara too

My partner is a big wine lover.

I decided that for her birthday I am going to surprise her with a trip to California.

She loves California wines and has always wanted to go there. I had difficulty picking where to put us. I of course looked into Napa Valley wine tours. I had friends that did the wine tour that loved the wine, the train but didn’t like the people. My friends complained of them being snooty and uppity. I found that if you want to tour Somalia wine, you have to do the Napa Wine train with the mean people. So instead I am taking my partner to a different area. Apparently Santa Barbara California has a lot of wine tours and fun things to do. They have an urban wine trail with working wineries and tons of tasting rooms. Apparently you can drive over hills and rolling vineyards outside of Santa Barbara if you are so inclined. I looked at the list of wines you can taste in the area and it is everything my partner could possibly want and more. I also checked into hotels, spas and shopping in Santa Barbara and was very pleased. I also found that quite a few people check out the legal weed while they are there. I found some very unique cannabis dispensaries. A little legal marijuana and California wine sounds like a fun combination. I think my partner and I are going to have an amazing trip together. I am hopeful the Santa Barbara wine experience will be different than what my friends experienced.

Recreational Weed Santa Barbara California