Tourism in Tampa

I had to look for more than 2 weeks before I found a suitable place to rent in Tampa

I have lived in Tampa all of my life, however i am used to the traffic plus tourism. It’s not bad while I was in the Winter weeks, but Summer is a nightmare; Even the snowbirds are better than the tourists. I grew up in a small city outside of Tampa but I moved to the city when I became an HVAC repairman. I work for a service company located in downtown Tampa. I couldn’t drive from the country to the city every day without sitting in traffic for an hour, so it was truthfully cheaper to rent a place in the city. I had to look for more than 2 weeks before I found a suitable place to rent in Tampa. I easily did not want to rent a house, plus I was hoping to find an lake house with another roommate to share the rent plus utilities! One thing I knew for sure was the lake house needed Central AC, central A/C is an absolute must in Tampa, however the Summer un-even temperatures are often 90 degrees with 100% humidity. It’s not only uncomfortable to live without AC, but it can also be dangerous! Hot plus humid un-even temperatures can lead to heat stroke plus accidental death, then as soon as I found an lake house with Central AC, I moved to the city. It’s still hard to travel around neighborhood in all of the traffic, plus I constantly make sure to leave 1 endpoint with a full tank of gas… You never assume when you might end up stuck in traffic all day plus it’s 1 of the easiest ways to unexpectedly run out of gas.

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