What a cool city to live in

Just a few minutes outside of Denver, is the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.

This is a 16000 acre Wildlife Refuge just 10 miles north of downtown Denver.

It is beach house to more than 300 different species of wildlife including colorless pelicans, raccoons, deer, coyotes, black-footed ferrets, & prairie pets. There are also a number of wild bison in the area. The Rocky Mountain Arsenal was originally a chemical weapons manufacturer. 40 years after it was built, roosting & endangered bald eagles were spotted in the area. After several scientists took samples of the wildlife in the area, it was deemed too substantial to the ecological world to continue further military operations. The Wildlife Refuge outside of Denver is a single of the perfect locations to visit while in the Summer months when the weather is warm. It rarely rains & there is always a lot to see & do. A few weeks ago our friends & I went to the wildlife refuge in Denver & both of us were caught in the middle of a freak hailstorm. It was unquestionably sizzling outside on that identifiable day, & both of us never expected hail to beginning falling. When it did, everyone in the group was caught by surprise. The people I was with and I had to huddle under some trees for refuge while the hail pelted everything in the valley. Nature can be unquestionably surprising at times. The cold pieces of ice fell from the sky on a sunny day with no other signs of storm interest in the area; Even the critters seemed surprised by the freak nature storm.


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