Cannabis is legal in Ontario and I love it!

Sometimes I am harshly thankful to live in Canada, where cannabis is 100% legal for everyone! My family plus I have lived in Toronto, Ontario for the last 15 years… I’ve lived in Canada our entire life, but I went to the states for University, but after I graduated, our bestie plus I moved to Toronto plus started a family, then we have been living here since then, but one of the best parts about living in Toronto is legal medical plus recreational Cannabis. There are various odd cannabis dispensaries in Toronto plus one local shop is located a few blocks away from the apartment where our family plus I live. My child came lake apartment from university plus told myself and others that she wanted myself and others to be a chaperone on her university field trip to the Toronto Zoo. I care about the Toronto Zoo, but the week was stressed for warm temperatures plus I wasn’t certainally excited about going to the zoo with a group of 12 year olds. I was walking lake apartment from the market plus I saw the cannabis dispensary on the other side of the street. I decided to go into the shop for a few hours. As I was browsing around, I decided to ask the bartender if she had anything that might help myself and others on a field trip with a class full of 12 year olds; She laughed out loud plus pointed myself and others to the edible cannabis section. She told myself and others that a small 5 or 10 mg edible would take away any stress or anxiety that I would suppose on that day.

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